Keeping Safe When Utilizing a Dumpster

Posted on: 8 January 2021

If you intend on renting a dumpster to use for the collection of refuse from your property, you'll have peace of mind knowing that a professional company will handle this task for you. When you or other people use the dumpster rental, however, there is a need to take protective steps to avoid an injury.

1. Know What to Avoid Placing in a Dumpster

Before you start filling a dumpster with items you no longer need, it is important to assess them in detail so hazardous materials are not added to the pile. Most dumpster services alert users of items they do not take. A worker checks over the contents of the filled dumpster before its removal to ensure these items are not included, however, they are not always noticed, especially if they have settled to the bottom of the container. This could cause an injury to the worker, yourself, or anyone using the dumpster, or damage to your property. Hazardous items include vehicle or machinery batteries because of their acid content, flammable materials, and chemical agents.

2. Place the Dumpster Appropriately

The area in which you have a dumpster set up makes a difference in how safe you remain while you use it. If a dumpster is not placed on a flat surface, there is a potential for it to tip over if the weight distribution is not monitored. Make sure the spot you select is structurally sound so the dumpster does not sink into sand, dirt, or mud from the weight of the container. Do not have the dumpster placed on an area with an incline. A professional dumpster service will help you find the right location for the container so you do not need to walk too far to use it.

3. Check Items as They Are Placed

Before setting an item instead of a dumpster, check it over for any protruding pieces or sharp edges. If there is a portion of an item in question, cover it with tape, foam, bubble wrap, or another form of cushioning to protect people from becoming injured. If you need to throw away an item that is hazardous, do not place it in the dumpster, but instead ask the dumpster service if they provide bins for hazardous waste items or recycling services. Place heavier items at the bottom of the rented bin to aid in weight distribution. 

For more information, contact dumpster rental companies.